My Face Wont Smile Anymore

New toon

I like this one better than the last.

Comments appreciated…Tommy you’ll recognise those drums from a few months ago. I ditched that song, but they came in really handy for this one!


classic Craig! love the 7th’s

Go find those drums I posted for jdet. Nice recycling drums! :agree:
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Good work Craig! Are you depressed?

Quote: (Levi @ May 09 2009, 5:56 PM)

Good work Craig!
Are you depressed?

:whistle: Prozac just don't work....

Thanks guys. Tommy I'll take a look at that. :agree:


Just for the heck of it. Next time you see your self writing downer negative lyrics, continue to write it.
But also write another one by turning the meaning around with a positive spin, just for the heck of it.

It would be interesting to see if you could complete both. Or to see which one takes over.
I have a hard time believing it’s more than your musical act. Because your such a great guy with an even temperament on here. You seem to be a master of psychology! Don’t be depressed!! You have our permission to be happy!
Your a great guy! With a great voice and ability to sing! Your gifted! Kind and talented!

Those lyrics are great…

The tracks fit the lyrics like a glove…

Is the kick and bass a Litttle on the Loose…
Is it meant to be like that… ????
Is it just me.

Levi… He’s allowed to write that type of song… for his Listening Fans… Well…


Thanks Levi.

I usd to get mad with my Mother in law when she suffered, “snap out of it” I used to think, then I got diagnosed…you can’t really relate to depression until you have it, and you can’t just snap out of it like I used to think either…

Have you heard “I’m Gonna Make It” and “I’m On Top Of The World” of mine?

Thanks Bill too!

I asked Poppa a few months ago for some drums at 125 bpm, but ditched the song…so I lifted the drums for this… :whistle:

Any problems with the bass just take it up with the player…oh wait…that’s me… ???


Quote: (spreadercraig @ May 09 2009, 6:42 PM)

Thanks Levi.

I usd to get mad with my Mother in law when she suffered, "snap out of it" I used to think, then I got can't really relate to depression until you have it.

Have you heard "I'm Gonna Make It" and "I'm On Top Of The World" of mine?

:laugh: Ok I'll listen to them Craig!

Bill? Your right! lol Just makin sure he's ok!!! :D

I can relate. There was a time when I was young. About two yrs where I sat alone, didn’t want to hear any advice. Knew that I wasn’t happy and was sure there was nothing that I could do about it. Then when I looked back on that I thought wow I must have been a drag to be around. I don’t want to be like that or remembered that way. So I started looking at things different. I even took anti depressants for a few months until this lady friend asked “You really don’t want to take that stuff for ever do you? Wouldn’t you rather beat it on your own?” So I thought about it a little. No one can be totally happy there are always going to be bad days every now and then. But hey, you know all this! All your lyrics are very well written! I’m a fan, you know that.

Loved the change at about 2:10.
And the short chord transition leading into it. Its a good song.

I refuse to get depressed, it’s too depressing.

Just kidding, Craig, I know how very, very difficult it can be. Music sure is good medicine. So is medicine. ???

Great song. Really well done. My fav of yours so far, no doubt about it. Nothing depressing about it. Rather uplifting, to me.

Great guitar at 1:10 & later. You really wrote this around a pre-existing drum track? Cool.

:agree: that's more like it. 100% Spreadie magic :;):

Good work hun. x

Cheers again!

Is the mix ok? I’d like to clear some space on my very full laptop!! :laugh:

Well, the vox and drums are not buried behind a wall of guitars…so I’d say it’s probably OK. :laugh:

aaaargh! Can’t listen, no speakers here!

Really good tune Craig! :agree:

Production skills are very impressive also! :)

Lead fills, one of em got a low eq problem around 120 to 150 hz. Gotta boom on several notes, other than that, pretty darn spot on son! :agree:


drove through sheffield much, have we?


Well it's a age thang I guess, my son is about the same age as the youngins on here, LOL.

I must be getting old (er) :cool: