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I just wanted to say that I’ve been greatful for Ntrack in helping me begin my endeavors in recording. I’ve had plenty of great things to say about this software but now I’m realizing its because I didn’t know any better. I hate to turn sour here but I kind of have to express what I don’t like about Ntrack. I got a free Ableton Live 8 software pack with my interface purchase and WOW, it’s blown me away with its crazy easy to use functionality. I know Ntrack is a fairly new company but I’m just finding it much more pleasurable to look up a tutorial on youtube when I run into something and I notice that by the time you get a response on this forum regarding any kind of help, it’s almost pointless. I do appreciate the help I get but it takes forever for anyone to respond to anything. It’s not anyones fault in particular, I’m just saying that it doesn’t help me that not alot of people use Ntrack therefore the lack of response times. I’ve found Ntrack to be quite unpredictable and it will close on me and do weird things and I thought it may have been something normal for a DAW but I have yet to run into anything with Ableton. Anyhow, thanks for the responses in the past.

good luck to ya,

you are doing better than me already, I couldn’t even get Ableton to run on my system (big freeze) let alone figure out how to run it. :agree:

with all it’s sound packs it’s much more suited to your style of ambient syntho-pop anyway.

dontcare :cool:

I have received PreSonus Studio One for free, and I was tempted to switch, but I will continue working in N-Track, since I really do think that n-track has huge potential. :agree:

However I will have to agree that N-Track can be quite unpredictable and it will close/crash on me and do weird things. I have reported multiple bugs and some of them have been considered, however most of them have been just ignored. I do realize that n-track is complex software project, at low cost and I really do appreciate that! It is just that n-track can leave you under mixed impressions. Some of the software quirks have been very persistent.

I’m with you mmihalj,

I’ve been on V5 for the last two years and am pretty happy.

I don’t see any advantages in the later versions, tho they might be there I need stability over every new thing under the sun being added.

dontcare :cool: