My new browser of choice

I just downloaded the update for Safari.
Pretty dang cool. Reminds me of a menu program I once had for Windows 3.1.

i never did bother to check it out when it showed up one day on an itunes update.

It’s a “looker”

Does it have big chrome fenders? Or is it slim and sleek?

Or better yet is it hack proof? Today when I went to log on to the net. To my supprise
1. Google chrome wouldn’t connect.
2. All my restore points are gone from system restore.
3. I can’t reinstall google chrome because mysteriously .net is alos missing.

How does all that get missing? I set about 4 restore points and keep them updated.

There was a security update for .net a couple days ago. Userwide from MS.
Better get the updates! Safari is an Apple product. Hackers are still not as bad with Apple stuff. Not yet anyway.

I can’t wait to shoot some hacker in the foot. I’d shoot um between the eyes but that wouldn’t hurt.

I just downloaded “Opera” and I like it. It’s fast and shows tabs at the top. If you click and open a blank tab you can set thumbnails of all your favorite sites or have them all open at the same time in seperate tabs of course :laugh: I like it. I don’t like the name but the browsers is a little like a volvo heavy truck like 12000 lbs heavy. :laugh:

Safari does look pretty cool and also has thumbnail view! BUT it won’t open any web pages for me.
No problem on other browsers. Did you have any issues when you first opened it pop’s?

Nope Levi, it’s worked fine from first look.

That’s good. I know that I’ll like this browser alot when I get it rollin. Thx for the pointer!