take it of leave it, i dont care

MIDI is truly “GODS gift to musicians” - yet many think that it is the very devil himself -

MIDI to most is beyond comprehension - to start with you have to understand the concept of “input to output, output to imput” - the out plug goes into the in socket the in plug goes into the out socket - that may seem sarcastic, but if you are already MIDI you will know what i mean - if not then RTFM dork, would be a good reply -

Like all religions (and MIDI is a religion) if has its rules and regulations, some at first seem to conatrain yet it is this very constraint that sets the mind in action and releases a sense of NIRVANA (not the group idiot) when it works -

i have worshipped at the high alter of MIDI for many years now, and i have a personal dislike verging on hatred for those who cannot get off their fat arses and learn about what is the single most inportant aspect of the music business, there would be very little “MUSIC” made without MIDI -

in the studio MIDI is literally “GOD”, without it you are no-one, (and no-one gets anywhere) - no matter what you can do “in the box” no matter how cleaver you think you are with your DAW or what DAW you use - MIDI is the ONE great leveler that sets REAL MEN apart from the boys -

MIDI sets you free - FREE to go where others fear to tread, FREE to be different, FREE to be FREE of the limitations that a DAW sets upon you - MIDI sets those who CAN apart from those who never will - and you never will until you MIDI - its as simple as that -

so get with it - cast off the habits of a lifetime and LEARN something, something that will enhance your credability and status in the music industry - you are never to old to learn MIDI - BUT there again there is a saying that “if you have to ask then you where never meant to”, which when translated means “GOOGLE for the answer!”, nobody can see you ignorance in cyberspace -

MIDI is to the “IN THE BOX USER” what “INTONATION” is to a guitarist, a total aborition, yet without that understanding of intonation the guitarist will NEVER play in tune -

it is with this in mind that i congratulate “DIOGENES” for his acceptance of MIDI and welcome him into the HOLY OF HOLYs, although the INNER SANCTUM may be a way off into the distance at the monemt, at least he has made a start -

well done that man -

Dr J

Enjoyed the sermon. Never have been afraid to show my own ignorance either.

I have a MIDI keyboard coming. Am I gonna make it to heaven now?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jun. 27 2008, 6:15 PM)

Am I gonna make it to heaven now?

LOL... Poppa I have feeling you're gonna make it. MIDI or no MIDI. :)

Doc, What got me into it was a lack of playing partners! "Hey man you know anybody what can put some Flugelhorn on a track for me?" Heh... If you can MIDI, you can do your own Flugelhorn. Now making stuff sound convincing when mimicking "real" instruments/players... I'm workin' on that. Some of it's rather tricky. A few bleeps, burps or farts? Easy. Really good tracks with all virtual instruments are kinda tough. Especially if you know NOTHING about playing the aforementioned Flugelhorn. "Hey man? Which end of this thing do you blow in?" :laugh:


Hi D,

i can see can clearly understand what you are saying, BUT lets not cet to CLINICAL here, the beauty of MIDI is as you say the ability to use instruments that before you discovered MIDI you would never have thought of using, to correctly play a musical instrument that is not a guitar synth or drum takes years of practice, it could take you 500 years to learn to play every instrument in an orchestra to professional standards, and we dont have that long a lifetime (yet) -

for example, Roland TR303 has became the sound of dance music, electro and acid, but who outside of those who have actually heard a genuine (of a good VST) TB303 know what it sounds like, very few so many imations exist -

unless you have inspirations of producing classical music the actuality of how to and when should evaperate like the morning mist and the rays of inspiration should enlighten your day -

in other words it does not matter, so what if its not played correctly, if it fits in the song, go for it - nobody will complain, (for those who would complain are locked in their ivory towers and will never set foot on own lowly level ever again) -

if you like how it sounds thats all that matters, free yourself from the constraints of what others may think and you will be a better producer for it - “just do it and be different” is the mantra of the free mind - “i cant do it for i will be dammed” is the mantra of the loser -

Dr J