My Sixth Album Released. Paco Skiinoff

My New Album “Neighbors From Hell”

For immediate press release, Paco Skiinoff Productions is proud to release “The George Stanley Band” his sixth album, “Neighbors From Hell”

Hello all, here it is after a long wait, please enjoy and as always, comments are welcome.

Album notes:
Most people I know at one time or another have come across a neighbor they didn’t like, that being said, I dedicate this album to all those people who hate their, dog crapping, loud, abusive, gossip junkie f’n

Paco Skiinoff

Special note for this song. “My Hero” which is last on the album.

This is the last song on the album and doesn’t have anything to do with screwy neighbors, It’s about being saved at -30C behind my local pub, where I was found, face down late at night, unconscious, from a medical problem caused by low blood sugar. She saved my life, so I wrote a song about my little hero.

Here are the SoundClick links, below that I’ll have my drop box links to the 320k MP3’s

SoundClick Links

Morally Bankrupt

Screw You

Crack Of Dawn

It’s A Shame

No More Time

Neighbors From Hell

Word is Out

Which is a B.I.T.C.H.

My Hero
320k MP3 Dropbox Links

Morally Bankrupt…upt.mp3

Screw You…You.mp3

Crack Of Dawn…awn.mp3

It’s A Shame…ame.mp3

No More Time…ime.mp3

Neighbors From Hell…ell.mp3

Word is Out…Out.mp3

Which is a B.I.T.C.H.…tch.mp3

My Hero…ero.mp3


My favorite songs are the top 4 with “Crack of Dawn” Being right up there.


No Comments?


Hi All,

Just an update, my song “Morally Bankrupt” went into #5 in the sub category and #33 overall this morning at SoundClick. Ye Haw!!! I was hoping the song “Crack of Dawn” would do better, that was my favorite song. I had a blast making it.

As always, comments are welcome.


PACO :agree:

As of this morning “Morally Bankrupt” has moved into #3 spot and #19 overall at SoundClick. This beats last years effort in which I had a song go as high as #4 in the sub category. I really didn’t think it do this great but I guess lots of people do hate the neighbors. LOL!!


Still in 3rd spot but did move forward 1 overall to #18. This is by far the best I’ve done. With luck a little help from my friends I get a #1


Not single comment, m :p ight as well be talking to a wall around here while I…roam endlessly…

Hey Paco …It sounds prety darn good…and congrats on the recording…right on!

Enjoyed Morally Bankrupt. Great recording. Love the bass.

Thanks Guys…Means a lot. :;):