My Son has balls....


My boys are going to the Broncos - Saints game Sept. 21st - asked me to make a poster.

Past my best objections I did it.

He’ll either get his ass whooped, thrown out of the game or both.

Holy Moly! Wasn’t that a mighty storm! LOL

Hey Poppa, get ready and bend over, get the vaseline out too, gas prices here have risen $.55 since 8a.m. this morning.

OUCH! it hurts!

Shaddup and take it like a man!

Price Gouging SOB’s.

Think what’s it gonna do if ANOTHER big blow comes through the Gulf…

Nice poster P.W. Tell your son most carbon fiber blades aren’t detectable by the security gate equipment…


He’s all worried about it now with IKE comin’ up the Gulf… The boy’s got a sick twisted sense of humor - wonder where he gets it?

The Mailman? :laugh: :p


Hmmmm Where was I in 1978? :laugh:

Don’t look at ME!

A) I was fifteen.
B) Never been to Colorado.
C) The USPS wouldn’t hire me! (See “A” above.)



PS I do admit to the “sick, twisted sense of humor” thang though… :agree:

Sick twisted sense of humor, hmmm. Couldn’t be the mail man, they don’t have a sense of humor. :cool:

D, being 15 isn’t an excuse. :laugh: