My Sweet Lord!

I just watched the concert for George and “My Sweet Lord” rocked - I mean I was getting goose bumps! I never really liked that song all that much when it came it - it was a little too poppy for me, but the version at this show was great. The black keyboard player, whose name I don’t know, sang it with real soul & it didn’t sound so poppy. The audience was really into it.

Did Billy Preston sing that Toke? Been awhile since I saw the concert. The whole thing was awsum as I remember. I got off on the uke’s being played.:stuck_out_tongue:

Concert for George is top-notch. It’s just a blast to see all those classy muso’s playing together. And yeah it is Billy Preston on the hammond. The sound production on that DVD is excellent. Another highlight, ‘Something’ started by Macca on the uke (as per his recent concert schtick) but evolving into full band with Eric Clapton leading the way. Oh, and Eric doing his solo on ‘Gently Weeps’. The whole thing is just classy from go to whoa.

Did you spot Paul_R in the audience ? He was there and should be pretty easy to point out. If you saw a guy around 50 that was too tall, too skinny, too happy and drooling from the joy of it all, that’d probably be him :)

I checked - it was Billy Preston.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Mar. 18 2005,11:34)
I checked - it was Billy Preston.

Hey Mike,

I dunno if where talkin' bout the same thing, but there was a consert on PBS this week. Alot of star studs if I remember right, I couldn't pull myself away from the screen, what a delight, Clapton was on this one.
Yeah, I thought preston sounded great along with the rest of the star's.
Was a truley once in a lifetime event. I think I saw Tom Petty up there at one point.
Haven't seen this many talented people on stage since farm aid!
Some really great renditions of classics, and I thought the whole thing was put together pretty good.


Yes - that’s what I watched.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Mar. 18 2005,13:11)
Yes - that's what I watched.

Was it just me,
Or did it seem like some of the stars were fighting for the vocal spots. Almost as if there was no rehearsal, just a free for all.
I mean with such great talents, who have been playing theses songs for so many years, do you really need a rehearsal?
This was something my Dad would have been more interested in, but I have to admit I loved it! and I'm not really into all that hippy jazz, but it was interesting to hear all the different reditions. You get so used to a certain version of a song when something new hit's your ear it's breaths new life into ya!


No there were rehearsals, the dvd special features showed that. Didn’t realize Ringo is shortest man on face of earth tho, LOL. Tom Petty and Heartbreakers doing “Taxman”. T’was cool! Most overworked thru concert, Jeff Lynne of ELO.

Ringo is really a marionette. Ever watch him dance?

That’s Donn Bennett on the left. He’s a little over 6 feet tall.

Donn’s shop isn’t too far from where I live.

So is Ringo Like 5’ tall or something? LOL

I only ask this cause I’m 6’4" AND HAVE A FEAR OF STEPPING ON LITTLE PEOPLE, lol.:smiley: