My Webhost Is Down

phootoons and hosted by phootoons sites

It’s more than phootoons.

Looks like my webhost has had some kind of massive failure, or the plug got pulled. I’ve heard nothing. The sites hosted by them that I know of all seem to be down since yesterday sometimes. Their phone lines are busy as well, even at odd hours. That’s not a good sign.

So, a few of us will probably not have avatars once they are flushed from your computers caches (they are hosted at – sorry folks). Any links I’ve posted won’t work as well.

I’ll give the host the benefit of the doubt for a day or so. They’ve been good until now. I hope it’s just a glitch and not a business issue.

Regardless, I have all the files backed up at home, so if I need a new host I need a new host. Been there done that three times in the past already. It’s not the end of the world.

Anyone dependent of phootoons or a site hosted by phootoons please be patient. I’m already looking at alternatives just in case.

Just found this. It might explain a lot…


Vizweb dead in the water this time?

Vizaweb’s DNS servers got hacked again. Second time in two months……me.html

Hi phoo:
I noticed that early this morning “My Time”. Thank you for the update and post regarding that… I’ve been there-and-done-that, as well… My page got Hi-Jacked by Go-Daddy and Bob Parsons… It seems that they liked my woxnerw… They are willing to let me have it back if I dance their tune… As I see it… IT can’t be used by anyone but me… If you Google woxnerw it shows up all over the internet… so… why would anyone else want it? Well… AND why would anyone be brave enough to want-to-use it?

Sorry, Bob Parsons, and anyone else for listening to my “RanT”…

It has been going on sense the 7th of May, 2006


After a bit more searching I wonder if the “hacking” is correct info. Oh well, I can’t do anything while I’m at work. Oh, and our avatars are no longer showing on my machine since I cleared out the browser’s cache. I did that to make sure they weren’t really still accessable…they aren’t.

Hi phoo:
I’m not so sure that Hi-Jacking is the correct term… I call it hi-Jacking out of frustration… My domain address known as woxnerw was removed from the host’s storage space… I could still post folders and files to the storage space… I just couldn’t use the woxnerw as an address that I could point the public-at-large to the area where the folders and files were stored… I didn’t remove the address, so I call that hi-jacking… The original application and money I paid to the “Host” for the service had a “Check-mark” in the box that approved the automatic re-newal at the end of the 12-month period… Now the ICANN governing body wants a .25 admin. charge to govern public domain links… That fee can change at the “Whim” of wanting money… I can’t begin to imagine how many domain names are in active use…


People have been dissing Vizweb for a while on WHT. They’re apparently really slow & unresponsive when it comes to addressing tragedies.

Bill, I never understood the significance of the all-caps IT… Whazzup with that!!!

VizaWeb is back up, at least for now. I haven’t had any word from THEM yet.

I’m moving all the phootoons hosted sites to another host. has been moved already (probably missed some files or links), but the name maybe hasn’t popogated fully yet. I put up a new avatar from there as a test (and it is displaying).

The new link for hosted avatars will be That should start resolving soon as it’s a subdomain that wasn’t added until this morning. Anyone currently hosting an avatar at will want to change the link to All avatar filenames are the same.

Let me know if anyone finds any bad links or the avatars on thefartones don’t work after a day or so.

Hi phoo:
The avatars are back as far as I can see… Does that mean that the link still should be changed, in the profile ? Or just let it be? or??


when I use more than one “it” in a reply I captalize one to to keep my thoughts organized before I post the reply/message… I’m am unable to walk and chew gum and compose messessages, at the same time… Well… ??? But I’m workin’ on IT…

I went ahead and gummed up the works. I changed the link and No-Go… I’ll put it back and see what happens…

The phootoons, link brings the avatar back… ?? I don’t know?

For now, ok. Eventually will be the preferred link. I have to set some things differently I think. It is resolving, but I think adding it replaced the index. I’ll fix that when I get home.

The problem will be when I try to retain or regain ownership of I didn’t know I wasn’t the owner anymore…humble grumble…

Anyway, there’s 300 gigs of space with the new host and only 5 gig with VizaWeb and at about half the price…and virtually no bad reviews – I found ONE – VizaWeb on the other hand VizaWeb doesn’t seem to be making many folks happy these days. Even if VizaWeb was doing just fine I’d be moving eventually. I’m not making the switch just because they got hacked twice, though that’s a good enough reason. They’ve actually done fine by me for a few years now. It’s hard to pas up 300 gigs, 8 domain names, and $13 a month.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

Quote (woxnerw @ Nov. 10 2006,15:22)
when I use more than one "it" in a reply I captalize one to to keep my thoughts organized before I post the reply/message.. I'm am unable to walk and chew gum and compose messessages, at the same time.. Well.. ??? But I'm workin' on IT..

Hahaha. Man. That left me more confused than before, but it's okay - whatever works! is up and running. Please, use that from now on.

Sorry, for the tiny bit of “WTF?” :)

Hi Former Member Gone:
I Konw… It sounds like a politian trying to say the right thing to get all the voters in his district to jump on his wagon…

Bill… on VizaWeb is down again. That sure didn’t last long.

Hi phoo:
As I reply to this thread I’m looking at the “old” avatar link… I’m not sure if I know how to write the new link anyway… When I tried that before I was unable to make up a link that worked…


Use this, Bill:

Hi Again phoo:
I hope I didn’t screw IT up… I tried before … This time I coppied-and-pasted the link into where the link shoud go in the “Control Panel” config…

Thank you again for the space for that image… You know that ain’t really me…
:O ??? It’s my twin brother… Bob… :laugh: :p


That be the way to do it! Tell Bob he looks very good in small pictures. :)

Yea… Ii KkNnOoWw… The-smaller-the-better… :O :laugh: :p


I got pointed to the new host. I’ll get it going properly tonight. I’ve already got most files copied up. I didn’t copy up the index so I could see if the change replicated properly.

FYI: Avatars will staying on the fartones site.