n-T7 midi notes v timeline

When adding new midi notes/events in the piano roll, the relevant track in the timeline doesn’t automatically expand and has to be manually dragged out.
Is it just me?

OH, we are on 7 now?

how is it working Tony?

dontcare :cool:

Hi, Jerm. n7 is really solid, on the whole.

it’s about the same as 6 was for me Tony, CRASH. :disagree:

err reports sent…(except for the times I had to hard-restart to get out of 7)

In both of their defense it is about time for a new hardrive, yea even a whole new PC for me. :)

Both 6 (and R) run great on my wife’s PC which is eons beyond mine and I suppose it would be the same scenario with 7.

dontcare :cool:

Yup. I’m stuck with w7 and n7 unless I upgrade my soundcard.