N-Track 9.0 and IK MultiMedia products

Does anyone know if IK Multi Media plugins work with N-Track 9.0? I want to verify this before I start buying software. I will purchase the 32 bit version of N-Track and I assume 64bit Plugins will work with the 32bit program.

Hi tony49055, welcome the n-Track forum. I can answer your question for the iOS version. IKmultimedia apps work well in n-Track 9.0, they connect via IAA protocol, meaning you typically need to open and then close the IK app first before trying to connect it it into n-Track. A very useful app to pipe in a connection is Audiobus.
On the Windows version I suspect 32 bit apps work fine going into 32 or 64bit DAWs, but a 64bit app will not usually work going into a 32bit DAW.
I hope that helps.