n-Track and M-audio Delta 1010

Available tracks when using M-audio 1010

Hi all,

I suppose this is directed at users of Delta 1010 as it’s more or an operational question. I know audio interfaces and related problems are always being discussed, but this is not so much of a problem - more a question.

So the preamble: I’ve been using a Delta 44 with n-Track (and Kristal for that matter) for a few years. No problems - all working as expected.

I’ve just updated to a M-audio Delta 1010. Great unit. M-audio ASIO drivers work great - no stability issues.

Now, what I noticed when using the 1010 for the first time was that I would get 12 tracks come up - 1-8 for the inputs as expected, 9-10 for the SPDIF, but also 11-12.

Now the thing is, when using the Live mode, 11-12 were producing signal that would max out the master channel. It’s almost like a feedback was occurring - you could reduce the master gain and a point would come where the level will fall away completely - disproportionately to how much the slider was moved.

When using the 1010 with Kristal, 11-12 were actually named “Mixer Out” (or something very similar - I’m not in front of the PC now so I can’t be 100% on that).

So really, this is why this is more of a question than a problem. Clearly it’s easy to stop this happening: in the settings, tell it not to use those channels, but that’s not the point.

What are those channels?

Any help would be gratefully accepted.



I think 11 and 12 are channels made available to the host so the M-Audio mixer/control applications output can be recorded if so desired. I read the manual for the 1010 some years ago but actually bought something different.


That would explain the feedback like nature.

I have the manual so I’ll go over it again. I don’t recall seeing it but then again, I may have glossed over it.


open the Delta control panel while tracks are playing back you will see what outputs are in use - try muting them in turn (including the master display) - also to get better sound quailty PAN each channel pair left and right - then click on the little hammer on INPUT VU meter and de-select inputs you are not going to use (SPDIF etc) and then do the same on the OUTPUT VU meter and de-select unwanted outputs -

Dr J