N-Track Crash - Metronome - Line6 UX8

N-Track crashes when I exit the program.


I’ve got a Line 6 UX8, Windows 7, N-Trac v7 setup in my studio.
I’m working on a new song project and want to use the metronome to keep the click track.

It all works, except when I exit N-Track, the program either crashes or sometimes just does not exit and I have to kill it with the Task Manager.

On a restart of the N-Track, I get the dreaded “Error Initializing ASIO driver”.
I actually have to restart my Line6 UX8 to get N-Track happy again.
This is a very repeatable problem.

I’ve got the latest and greatest version of all drivers and N-Track so I’m not sure what I can do.
Has anybody seen anything like this?



If n-Track crashes while using Line 6 ASIO you must unplug and re-plug the usb cable to reset the ASIO driver. I have a Line 6 UX2 and that’s the case for me. I have found using the 32bit version of N-Track in Win7 64 bit seems to be more stable, you might want to go that route.


Hi Paco,

Is there any particular reason why N-Track wouldn’t behave well with the Line 6 drivers? Seems like a popular make/model of audio interface and I have no reason to believe they write crummy ASIO drivers?

When I do standard audio recording, I have less problems. It’s only when I turn on the metronome (and the synth instrument channels that get added) that I get repeatable crashes.

FYI - I am using the 32bit version of N-Track.


Do you have the computers soundcard disabled?

I know there are conflicts there sometimes.

it’s sounding midi related tho.


I’ll try disabling the other sound cards. It would suck if that’s the fix. I have at least 3 sound interfaces:

1. Web Cam
2. On board HD audio
3. Line 6 UX8

In principle, they should all happily co-exist with no problems.

Will report back after a bit of testing…


I’ve been having some issues with the line 6 UX2, sometimes if I leave the phantom power on and shut down my laptop, when I boot up I get a loud hiss out of my ux2. I have to turn the mic power off and pull the line 6 plug out and reinsert it and that usually does the trick. However, I have read somewhere Line 6 ASIO drivers are not too happy win Win7, in some cases people are constantly having to re activate their unit on every boot up. The hiss problem I mentioned even occurs randomly and I just unplug and re plug till it goes away. I haven’t been able to find the source of the problem yet. Whether or not it’s related to your specific issue, I don’t know.

You could make a click track out of a drum track or something other than the metronome, then delete it when your done, as a suggestion.

To fine tune your system to stream and record audio I recommend the following links. Please follow the advice on these links, might help.



Hope this helps,