n-track drums


are instructions or a manual available for the drum kit in n-track?

there’s a “manual” in html in N-Track Drums folder (on my system it’s here: C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins
-Track Drums\manual.html) but it’s pretty minimal.

There’s been a lot of discussion here on this topic in the last month or two – try a quick search on “Drums” and see what comes up.

HEre’s agood place to start –


I’m hoping that sometime soon we can build a good step-by step manual for N-Drums, but for now, we’re all struggling to make it do what we want it to. What’s clear is that it’s a really powerful, flexible program. What’s not clear (yet) is how to take advantage of all of its features! Perhaps you’ll help add to the knowledge base as you experiment…

Good luck!


Thanks PR–I’ll check it out.