n-Track Dums MIDI CC Interpretation

Hello out there.

Does anyone know how to get n-Track drums to play a closed hi hat when the drum kit sends a CC#4 (velocity 27) prior to a hi hat (note #46)?

I’m working with Alesis DM10 X kit. Instead of sending a separate numeric value for a closed hi hat, it sends a CC#4 with velocity of 127, and then one MIDI note for each strike of the hi hat until the pedal is released.
Pedal release is a CC#4 with velocity of 0.

If you play the MIDI back out to the DM10 X kit, the DM10 X kit correctly plays the hi hat, closed/open, depending on the state of the #4 controller (pressed/released).

n-Track drums does not.

I have played around with the drum kit a little. Without going into it here, I’ll just say that I decided the answer MAY lie in n-Track drum configuration.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Please send a song with a midi track recorded from the drumkit with some closed hihats and some open, so that we can have a go at supporting it. You can send the file to support@ntrack.com


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