n-Track for Mac 0.9.0 Beta Build 2728 Released

Some ported features, bug fixes.

n-Track for Mac 0.9.0 Beta Build 2728 Released,

Skin loading and saving, importing and exporting [Ported feature]
Font selection in skin box [Ported feature]
Track color selection in timeline popup menu [Ported feature]
Crossfade settings box [Ported feature]
Button to close window when docked [Ported feature]
Fixed entering text in offset, length and indent fields in track properties box often didnt have effect [Bug Fix]
Fixed when two parts are overlapped and crossfaded the crossfade envelope would have graphical glitches [Bug Fix]
Fixed Splice with no selected track having no effect instead of being applied to all tracks [Bug Fix]
Fixed Live button sometimes appearing off when the Live input processing was instead active [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash selecting Mixer from track popup menu [Bug Fix]