n-Track for Mac v0.3.0 Beta Build 2578 Released

Level meters, saving, compatility.

n-Track for Mac version 0.3.0 Beta Build 2578 Released,

Fixed misaligned level meters scale [Bug Fix]
Fixed sporadic crash when saving song [Bug Fix]
Fixed compatility with OS X 10.5 Leopard


A Mac version? What!?!? You gave up on the Windows version?

Holy crap… :disagree:


Quote: (VPesdagoint @ May 26 2010, 10:08 PM)

A Mac version? What!?!? You gave up on the Windows version?

Holy crap...


Of course we didn't give up the Windows version! We are working hard to bring the Mac version up to par with the Windows version, while we are continuing to develop the Windows version.
As soon as the Mac version is up to par with the Windows version on core features (audio devices I/O, recording workflow) the development will proceed in parallel for the two platforms. The program is now cross-platform, meaning that say 90% of the source code is in common for both platforms so adding a feature to one platform automatically means adding to the other.
The existence of the Mac version should hopefully be a positive to Windows users too as they'll be able to share projects with Mac users.


P.s.: I've been using 'we' instead of 'I' as I've recently hired a new developer, Paolo, which is helping me to develop both the Windows and the Mac versions so now n-Track has more (development) firepower than ever.

That’s good Flavio! Welcome Paolo!