N-Track in Linux?

I was thinking, I would probably would have switched to Linux full time a while back if N-Track was available for it. What do you guys think? I guess it’s a lot to ask since it’s not even available for Macs.





and on and on it goes …

I just recently brought ntrack, however I am on the verge of moving to linux, and that will mean no more ntrack, but linux has some fine replacements, free too :) Some distro’s install Rosegarden by default, just need to upgrade to the latest version, darn fine program.

Maybe n-track might work within the mono project on linux. My guess, it could be driver #### though.


I also use linux on my main-non-recording machine. I’m not too familiar with emulation software… but I’m wondering if EM programs like WINE would work… a bigger hurdle is drivers for my input devices!

Sounds like a new project for Flavio? Port me please!

I have tried ardour several times. Rock solid recording with my C-Port 10X10 card (envy24 chip) under linux DeMuDi (Debian Multimedia distribution). The VST compatablity and midi not so great yet however.

A port to *nix is pretty unlikely seeing that the application is written in .NET. If it were C or old school VB, maybe. But WINE does not support .NET so far as I know.