N-track is offsetting the tracks I record!

I recently built a new computer (Athlon 2800+, Abit NF-7, M-Audio Audiophile) and for some reason most of the time that I try to overdub a track on something I’ve already recorded, n-Track sets the wave a bit too far forward in the timeline and I have to manually line it up with the other tracks. Once I do that it doesn’t drift and it stays in sync, but I’m curious as to why it’s doing this offset in the first place. It’s very annoying. My old system (Athlon 1500+, M-Audio Delta 66 and 1010lt) never did this.

This could possibly be that the default settings on your new PC differ from any setting you may have undertaken on your old PC.

For example, when I first loaded v4 of N (and I think past editions), the default is High buffering in the preferences area. I typically use low to medium buffering. This changed the timing on my tracks (although I can’t rememeber quite how), and they were out of synch.

Have a look and see. BTW - when you get it set right, write it down in a text file and save it - these things come back and bite time and time again - just advice

This worked for me:
Try going to the Settings > Preferrance > Options and changing (uncheck ) the Use System Timing for both record and playback.
This will use the soundcard to set the clock