n-Track Mac OS Track Mixer on two screens

Mac OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra)
nTrack 9.1.7 build 6497

iMac 27 inch with a second monitor 1400x900 resolution.

The second screen is connect via a Thunderbolt V2 connector to a converter to VGA

When I move the track mixer to the second screen (14001x900) the mixer works fine for all of the mouse clicks on the faders etc. but if you double click on the volume level box for a track, the editing window briefly shows up near the EQ button and disappears shortly after the double click, not allowing any editing.

If I move the track mixer back to the iMac screen double clicking on the volume level box works normally allowing one to enter in a dB level etc.

I looked for some preference settings etc. and could not find anytthing. Also I tried scaled and normal settings in the iMac preferences for the second screen. No difference.

is this just a bug or am I doing something wrong?


The issue should be fixed in version 9.1.8, the first beta is online. You may have to cmd+click the downloaded file to install it.
Let me know if you still see the issue or other ones in 9.1.8


Thank you for the quick response. I will check it out.

Downloaded the 9.1.8 beta Build 6566. Yes the volume level issue is corrected. One more issue related.
If you click on the destination text (just above the Add Send button) it doesn’t show the context menu on the second monitor with the different resolution. The same thing happens with the track source/don’t record text, the context menu doesn’t show. It appears the click text type events are not showing things correctly. All of the buttons (add effects, add send, EQ etc. appear to work correctly).


If I did understand correctly, the problem is related to the position of the context menus.
I’m using two monitors, the n-Track window is in the main one while the tracks mixer window is in the secondary monitor. If I click on the input/output text box, the context menu appears in its correct position (see attached screenshot).

Should I missed something about your report, could you please send a screenshot which shows the issue?