N-Track phase problem

I just reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled all my software for maintenance purposes, and I’m having a problem with n-Track that I’ve never encountered before. Mixes that I made with my previous n-Track install now sound out of phase when I play them back. I think I had 3.1 or 3.2 before, and am now using 3.3. My soundcards are a Delta 66 and a Delta 1010LT synced together (I’m playing back through the 66). Does anybody know why this is happening or where I can go to fix this? I’ve heard n-Track has a phase control for the master channel, but I can’t find it.

I don’t know about phase control for the master channel, but you can reverse the phase of individual tracks via the EQ properties (accessed by double clicking the three EQ knobs for said track racks).



One other note:
You may want to make sure the master channel is set to Stereo playback.
Just to the top right of the Master volume knob, there is an overlapping elliptical shape. Clicking on it will change playback from mono to stereo or visa versa.

Sometimes when opening songs saved from older versions of n-Tracks the phase settings of the channels will be randomized, no matter what the checks are showing.

The fix is to open the EQ on every channel and reselect the phase checks, no matter how they are checked. Even if they show both left and right as checked or uncheck they might not be showing how n-Tracks is treating the tracks internally. I think this happens because older versions of n-Tracks didn’t have phase and newer versions is misinterpriting the data in the song files. (yes, that would be a bug)

There is a similar problem with output channel selection and plugins parameters. It might be a good idea to just check everything…reselect the output channels and touch every parameter in every plug-in.

Yes, this is a pain to do.

Thanks phoo…that sounds like it could be my problem.