N-Track Problem (Demo)

Hey guys. I have the N-Track demo for now, until I get paid. After that I’m buying it. As of right now, I have a song on there with multiple tracks. The problem is I can’t seem to figure out how to export the song out of it so I can play it with my iTunes, or export it as a mp3 file. I can only export it as a MIDI, which is a problem. Is this problem only because I have the demo?

We are missing some information to be able to answer concisely. If it is midi I think you have to convert to wav before you an convert to MP3.
The MP3 is a plug-in that you will have to download and put in you N-track folder. N-Track uses LAME - do an Internet search for a good place to download it, it is free - (copyright keeps it from being included in N-track directly).
then use File > Convert to MP3 to make the MP3 file you want. This may work directly on Midi, but I have never tried it so I can’t help with that. N-track can convert Midi to audio I know - just can’t recall how right now.
There is an extensive Help menu available - open it up and do a search (press F3 to search) for additional help if no one comes up with the information you need quickly enough. There is also a tutorial you will want to read through when you have the time. The Manula covers a lot of feaures you will not know about until you scan.read through it.
Hope this helps. If not, give us someone information on what type of files and any specifics you can that might help someone here come up with and answer.

click on file; mixdown song, select tracks you want in your song, mix at 16 bits. This will give you a wav file if you want it to be an mp3, see Bax reply

Hi. I think I recall that the n-T demo is fully functional apart from an annoying organ sound that becomes attached at mixdown.