N-track quits all the time

Hi again, After installing a soundcard EMU 1212M N-track (16 and 24 bit is both possible) and choosing the right devices and removing the old soundcard N-track worked. But after around 15 seconds playing, recording or what ever the programm quited and gave the message that I should update the programm to 24 bit. Repeating this all the time after a few seconds so I was unable to play. First I want to learn how to use the soundcard with the programm n-track because i know n-track 3 etc… very well. ANd when I’ve learned the most important things about the card I want to update the programm. But know I can’t even start N-track, the programm quits directly when i open a song and sometimes after a few minutes. I thought it had to do somethnig with the other software that was installed while installing the soundcard like the recording programm cubasis vst4. But after removing this programm, N-track still quits all the time. Does anybody have experience with this? Maria :)

Maria, do you only have the 16-bit version of n-Track? There are two different versions, i.e., 16-bit and 16/24 bit. You have to pay a bit extra to get the 24-bit capability. Flavio lets you upgrade for the price difference between the two versions ($26).

If you did purchase the 24-bit version, perhaps Flavio sent you the wrong (16-bit) codes (I think that has happened before). In that case, email him, and he’ll get things straightened out for you.



I think if your card is capable of doing 24 bit, and you’re using ASIO-drivers that it is the drivers that instruct N-Track to set itself to 24 bit. No matter what you set it to manually, it is ignored anyway.

But then if you’re not registered for 24 bit … you’ll get the message.