n-Track Recording Contest


I’m proud to announce the first n-Track Recording Contest!

The contest will run from May 1st to the end of August, and prizes for winners will include three full versions of n-Track Studio and 3 free upgrades to version 6.x (which should be released before the contest is over).

Songs can be submitted for “Original Songs”, “Cover Songs” and “Silly Songs”.

The contest is a brainchild of and organized by Poppa Willis and TomS, and they’re setting up a page on Soundclick with the songs and voting links. The page is not ready yet but will be at http://members.soundclick.com/n%2DTrack+Studio+5

I’m posting this to all 3 forums but I guess the appropriate one for the contest is the n-Track Music forum.
Feedback and suggestions regarding the contest are welcome, and of course submit as many songs as you whish sending an email to contest@ntrack.com


TOPIC Moved to n-Track Users Music Forum

TOPIC Moved to n-Track Users Music Forum