N-Track settings

Input/Ouput Question

I have N-track 5 and at one time I had things working ok.
I like to lay an audio track via microphone (my voice) over MIDI or other muic track—Karoki style?
I had a Soundblaster souncard and managed to had no problem getting things working fine.

I now have an Auzentech card.
Should be no difference, right?
But my choices of input and output are numerous eg Microsoft mapper, Line in wme wda
I have a headset microphone that I use and my mic is plugged into the right jack.
I can’t seem to trouble-shoot the settings and keep getting errors.
Rather than go on and on with specs,—What info could I supply to you, or what starting point can I go to to use my mike.
This concerns both XP AND Vista.
The card is a Mystique.

Or am I just totally ignorant?
I’m not near as sharp as I once was.
Thanks for any help.

Wiseman ( or thought I was)

This may help: The choices you have a different “protacals” for the way your new card can process the sound.
MIcrosoft mapper - in the Windows Control panel is a selection called Sound and Audio Devices - here you can tell your computer what audio devices you want and the settings for them. You can think of it a the default settings you want your computer to use when you run audio software.
With Ntrack you can select a different setting with the Preferrence menu - the page you are looking at has all of the different selections for the way the sound is processed that your sound card has available.
The Record and Playback should both use the same "protacal"
some common choices:
MME - the oldest, and not usually considered the best choice, but some systems may work better with this “established” selection.
WDM - a newer and more effecent selection that will work well. This is the choice many use. You can adjust buffers and other settings to make your recording latancy more or less as dictated by the computers processing ability.
ASIO - Has the least latency of the chioces and is preferred if your computer has the processing power to handle it’s setting.
The choices are there because different computers can process sound better/more easily than other computers-your new sound card has more choices than your older one. Make sure the Record and Playback are set to the same protacal - MME to MME, WDM to WDM, ASIO to ASIO. Use the default settings of Ntrack buffers until you get thing working.

WOW!! That is a BIG help. Now I understand a whole lot more of what I need to do.

Thanks a million!~!

It worked!!