n-Track Studio 10

Hi all,

we’ve just released the Beta version for n-Track Studio 10. The new version includes quite a few new features and improvements. v10 Beta is available now on the website for Windows and Mac, on Play Store for Android (select Join the Beta on the app page) and via TestFlight for iOS.

For those who don’t know, Beta versions are ‘prerelease’ versions and may not yet be as stable and reliable as the final non-Beta version, so we don’t recommend using the beta version for mission-critical work.

If you have a chance to try the Beta and find any issues or have some comments please send an email to support@ntrack.com


Below a recap of the changes in v10 from the changelog:

Create your own instruments by dragging and dropping or even recording sounds straight into the step sequencer, piano roll, drums or screen keyboard [New Feature]
Redesigned n-Track Sampler editor view [Improvement]
Redesigned Onda Synth editor view [Improvement]
Save and recall chains of effects and instruments with the new Effects Chains and Instrument Chains menus [New Feature]
New Song Browser view, quickly reload previously saved songs without having to manually manage files [New Feature]
New Shimmer effect [New Feature]
New Diffuser effect [New Feature]
Track instrument icons: assign an icon representing the instrument for a track [New Feature]

Version 10 Beta uses the same activation as version 9 so if you have version 9 it will activate. The final version 10 will require a paid upgrade if you purchased before 11/29/2022.



I’m very excited about n-Track 10. Is there any information you can provide on how to find and try out the new features correctly? I saw Flex Time has moved to the bottom section, are there any changes to how it works?
Also, on the beta it’s asking for me to purchase a subscription before allowing full functionality. Is that an error or how do we test those functions (like chorus) if we already have the Pro version?
Edit: I found the Obvious details about how purchasing the subscription does NOT cost anything in test version. So I subscribed and now how all features and so far they are GREAT. I really like the simple browser for Songs and how easy it is to create Effects Chains that can be pulled up instantly. I’ll keep digging through the other new features and submit my opinions through the TestFlight mechanism.

Hi Flavio,

Just a few questions:

  1. Is there any ETA for the release of the final non-Beta version 10?
  2. What will the cost be for upgrading from version 9 to version 10 (full Suite)?
  3. Will you continue to release patches for version 9?


We’ll be releasing tutorials and updated user guide with the final non-beta v10.
Flextime functionality has not changed, it’s just the tool selection UI has changed.
If you installed the beta of the free subscription-based version, being a separate app, it won’t know that you purchased the Pro app. You can install the Pro beta tapping ‘Become a beta tester’ at the bottom of the Settings box. However having the two apps one beta and the other stable might be a good way to test the beta version while being able to also keep the non-beta (i.e. more reliable) one.

We don’t know yet the exact release date for the final non-Beta v10 but we’re aiming for early October.
The upgrade cost is not yet defined but it won’t be too far from the price of the upgrade from v8 to v9.
We may still release bug-fix updates to version 9 if significant bugs are discovered.


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Is it too late to make suggestions for new features? I realize this is different from pointing out beta testing problems…

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The feature set for version 10.0 is now mostly fixed, but feature suggestions are always welcome, we’ll consider them for 10.0.1 and later releases.


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Hi, Heimie.
I’m d/loading 10beta and looking at the options you mention above. Thoughts on my option as a v9 upgrade owner?

I’m not sure what you’re looking for by “options as a V9 upgrade user” I also have V9 nTrack pro version on iOS and I am planning on happily paying whatever upgrade price to get the better Song File system and the Effects Chains, let alone the Make-your-own-sounds sampler. If version 10 has these features plus the stability and ease of use that version 9 has, it’ll be fantastic.

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Thanks, Heimie. I can see now how that made no sense at all :slight_smile: Had I been paying attention, I’d have read Flavio’s header properly and noted that;- ‘Version 10 Beta uses the same activation as version 9 so if you have version 9 it will activate.’

Hi, Flavio. On activating 10beta, I’m asked whether to Deactivate n-Track Studio Extended.
I have working projects on this machine with n-T versions 7 and 9. What would you recommend? I don’t recall this choice when moving around different Vs in the past.


if you see a blue ‘Deactivate n-Track…’ button it means that n-Track is already active. It should also state that fact at the top of the activation box. So you don’t need to do anything, just close the box with the X on the upper right. We’ll make this more explicit by adding a green checkmark to indicate that the app is already activated.


I’d like to suggest something that would be incredibly useful to have in the piano roll. The option to mark, color, and rename the piano keys to indicate keyswitches is very necessary when working with complex instruments that have multiple articulations or with detailed drum kits like BFD or Superior Drummer. It would be great to find an easy way to implement this, as simple as right-clicking on a key to get the option to mark it as a keyswitch (so that the program can differentiate it from regular notes when exporting as MIDI) and to rename/color it to indicate what it corresponds to. Then, have the option to save that piano layout to reload it later, thus having the various types needed for each instrument (which differ so much from each other). This would be a fantastic feature. Studio One has tried it with Sound Variations, Cubase with Expression Maps, Reaper with Rearticulate, and Cakewalk with its Custom Map. It would be great to see n-Track join in on this necessary and useful feature.

After I opened your beta version, I get the message “Failed to open ASIO inputdevice”. That in it self wouldn’t be the biggest of problem 'cause it’s easy to fix in the devise-settings. But the sign keeps blocking everything so that I can’t even close the program. I have to do it via taskmanager. Also when I try to restart n-track again, the sign pops up emmediately thus making it impossible to do anything at all. What can I do to fix this (other than stoping my computor to go into stand-by, as I now have done)?

I’m also wondering; can I have both verions (9 and 10) installed att the same time at the same computer?

Hello Daniel,

we’ll into the issue.

In the meantime, to avoid the ASIO error message, you can try to reset the n-Track configuration by deleting the configuration folder C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\n-Track Studio 10.
(the App Data folder may be hidden, to show it from the Windows folder window, click on the View menu → Options-> View tab, then activate the 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives).

As for your question, the n-Track versions are all independent, so yes, you can have both v9 and v10 installed at the same time.


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The new design looks amazing and cleaner. I would buy a whole new license if you made this available natively on windows on arm we needed that badly for the sake of all windows on arm users.

Is it just me, or has n-track revamped a lot of the effects? I now see designations for specific types of reverbs (cathedrals, ambiance’s, rooms, etc) inside the tweakable reverb windows, same for chorus and others. The effects have become very sophisticated. I knew the effects could be automated, but I did not realize how adjustable they were. It makes me wonder what else I’ve missed….?

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Thanks for wishing good things to me