n-Track Studio 9 (n-Track EX) crashes on Big Sur

I upgraded the McBook to Big Sur last night, and today when i open my n-Track, everything becomes super slow, and most important, when i tried to save my project to mp3 or m4a file, it crashes, just crashes!!! even i created a fresh new project without importing any audios, just save an empty project to m4a, it still crash!!! Please help to advise how to fix it urgently, attached the logs as below, thanks.

Process: n-Track [1050]
Path: /Applications/n-Track EX.app/Contents/MacOS/n-Track
Identifier: com.ntrack.ntrack
Version: 9.0.2 (3571)
App Item ID: 402685765
App External ID: 831269477
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: n-Track [1050]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2020-11-22 00:49:34.604 +0800
OS Version: macOS 11.0.1 (20B29)
Report Version: 12
Bridge OS Version: 5.0.1 (18P2561)
Anonymous UUID: 7E44DBEB-F852-353F-EDED-0739FE0E7A07

Time Awake Since Boot: 1200 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00007ffeefc00000

Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
Terminating Process: exc handler [1050]

VM Regions Near 0x7ffeefc00000:
Stack 7ffeef400000-7ffeefc00000 [ 8192K] rw-/rwx SM=ALI thread 0
Submap 7fff00000000-7fff80000000 [ 2.0G] r–/rwx SM=SHM machine-wide VM submap

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0 libWinOnMac.dylib 0x0000000101596966 myCalculateShadingValues(void*, double const*, double*) + 395
1 com.apple.CoreGraphics 0x00007fff24f2e4ac CGFunctionEvaluate + 251
2 com.apple.CoreGraphics 0x00007fff24f2e30f function_evaluate + 355

Thread 1:: AMCP Logging Spool
0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x00007fff20303eba semaphore_wait_trap + 10
1 com.apple.audio.caulk 0x00007fff2841a92a caulk::mach::semaphore::wait_or_error() + 16
2 com.apple.audio.caulk 0x00007fff284076e6 caulk::semaphore::timed_wait(double) + 110
3 com.apple.audio.caulk 0x00007fff28407634 caulk::concurrent::details::worker_thread::run() + 30
4 com.apple.audio.caulk 0x00007fff284073c0 void* caulk::thread_proxy<std::__1::tuple<caulk::thread::attributes, void (caulk::concurrent::details::worker_thread::)(), std::__1::tuplecaulk::concurrent::details::worker_thread* > >(void) + 45
5 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff20338950 _pthread_start + 224
6 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff2033447b thread_start + 15

External Modification Summary:
Calls made by other processes targeting this process:
task_for_pid: 4
thread_create: 0
thread_set_state: 0
Calls made by this process:
task_for_pid: 0
thread_create: 0
thread_set_state: 0
Calls made by all processes on this machine:
task_for_pid: 1020
thread_create: 0
thread_set_state: 0

VM Region Summary:
ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Total=860.8M resident=0K(0%) swapped_out_or_unallocated=860.8M(100%)
Writable regions: Total=1.8G written=0K(0%) resident=0K(0%) swapped_out=0K(0%) unallocated=1.8G(100%)

                            VIRTUAL   REGION 

REGION TYPE SIZE COUNT (non-coalesced)
=========== ======= =======
Accelerate framework 768K 6
Activity Tracing 256K 1
CG backing stores 3792K 6
CG image 5612K 45
CG raster data 5104K 6
CoreAnimation 103.1M 46
CoreGraphics 12K 2
CoreUI image data 2552K 23
Foundation 16K 1
Image IO 7448K 61
JS JIT generated code 1.0G 3
JS VM Isolated Heap 24K 1
Kernel Alloc Once 8K 1
MALLOC 282.1M 258
MALLOC guard page 32K 7
MALLOC_LARGE (reserved) 1120K 6 reserved VM address space (unallocated)
MALLOC_NANO (reserved) 384.0M 1 reserved VM address space (unallocated)
Stack 15.7M 22
WebKit Malloc 7272K 8
__CTF 759 1
__DATA 18.4M 425
__DATA_CONST 22.0M 248
__DATA_DIRTY 1063K 154
__LINKEDIT 499.2M 19
__OBJC_RO 61.0M 1
__OBJC_RW 2468K 2
__TEXT 361.6M 422
__UNICODE 588K 1
mapped file 327.3M 221
shared memory 40K 4
=========== ======= =======
TOTAL 3.1G 2068
TOTAL, minus reserved VM space 2.7G 2068

Model: MacBookPro15,4, BootROM 1554. (iBridge: 18.16.12561.0.0,0), 4 processors, Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 1.7 GHz, 16 GB, SMC
Graphics: kHW_IntelIrisGraphics645Item, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645, spdisplays_builtin
Memory Module: BANK 0/ChannelA-DIMM0, 8 GB, LPDDR3, 2133 MHz, Samsung, K4EBE304EC-EGCG
Memory Module: BANK 2/ChannelB-DIMM0, 8 GB, LPDDR3, 2133 MHz, Samsung, K4EBE304EC-EGCG
AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme, wl0: Sep 11 2020 17:38:16 version FWID 01-e5bd2163
Bluetooth: Version 8.0.1f5, 3 services, 27 devices, 1 incoming serial ports
Network Service: Wi-Fi, AirPort, en0
USB Device: USB3.0 Hub
USB Device: USB 10/100/1000 LAN
USB Device: USB Storage
USB Device: USB 3.1 Bus
USB Device: USB2.0 Hub
USB Device: USB2.0 Hub
USB Device: Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable
USB Device: Apple T2 Bus
USB Device: Touch Bar Backlight
USB Device: Touch Bar Display
USB Device: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
USB Device: Headset
USB Device: Ambient Light Sensor
USB Device: FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)
USB Device: Apple T2 Controller
Thunderbolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc., 58.1

Hello Teli_Liu,

it seems that you’re using an old version of n-Track (9.0.2, the current stable one is 9.1.2).

Could you please try to download the latest version and check if the problems persist? I’ve tested it running Big Sur OS, I’ve experienced no slowness and I was able to successfully export a m4a file.

Should you continue to experience crashes or problems even using the latest version, please contact me at andrea@ntrack.com so that we can try to better investigate the issues.