n-Track Studio 9 Pro iOS Midi Clock/Tempo from external source

Hello Everyone,

First post here. I recently purchased n-Track Studio 9 Pro for iOS. It’s a fantastic DAW and does almost everything I need it to do. I have my Teenage Engineering TX-6 connected to it and can record all 6 stereo channels on separate tracks at once. However, I have one issue I cannot seem to resolve. I’m not sure if it’s an error, or simply a feature that has not been implemented. I am using my TX-6 mixer as the master clock for all my hardware. n-Track has the option of MIDI Clock input in the settings, which I have enabled. While I am able to trigger start/stop playback with the TX-6, I am not able to change the tempo. I would really like to be able to do this. Is this possible in the current version of n-Track for IOS? If not, I would really like for this to be added in the next version. Also, I noticed that n-Track never remembers the MIDI Clock Input/Output enable switch setting when I close out of the app - every time I launch it I have to re-enable the setting. It would be nice if the app remembered this setting.

Thank you all for your help.



n-Track doesn’t currently adjust the song tempo from the MIDI clock, it only uses MIDI clock to sync the playback start. The reason why it doesn’t remember the setting is that we’ve found that people forgot to have activated the setting and then complained that the playback wasn’t starting. We’ll try to think of a better way to handle this.


Hi Flavio,

Thank you for your response. I would like to make the ability to control tempo from the MIDI clock a feature request, possibly for version 10.1. I think many musicians would benefit from having an external master MIDI clock control all hardware and software in unison. Is there a specific process to make this request?

Thank you.

Hi Igor,

I’ve added the feature to our (long) list of new features to implement, we’ll consider it for future versions.