n-Track Studio Build 2653 Released

Mac and Win Fixes

n-Track Studio Build 2653 Released,

Mac: Fixed ‘Add channel/Import .wav file’ didn’t accept mp3 and other formats [Bug Fix]
Mac: Fixed some mp3 encoding presets resulting in error message. [Bug Fix]
Mac: Fixed File/Mixdown file requester selecting incorrect extension [Bug Fix]
Windows: Fixed piano roll vertical piano graphic glitches [Bug Fix]



How about some Mac and Cheese fixes? I’M HONGRAYYYY!!! :p


Heh-heh… that guy cracks me up. :laugh:



Here’s to you Unsmoked…

He’s Gone Oh I, Oh we
better learn how to face it
He’s Gone Oh I, Oh we’d
pay the devil to replace 'im
He’s Gone - what went wrong…

Maybe Saint Peter will flic his Bic when you reach the pearly gates… Tell Jimi I said “Dude… vomit?” and tell Stevie I want my damn Strat back… Tell Keef he can keep the Tele up there… Oh yeah… he IS dead, he’s just too F’d up to realize it…

R.I.P. sobbing


PS Well damn… Glad that’s over. So who’s house we eating “wake” food at?