N-Track studio daw

Output is very low on iOS
Can’t enable stereo recording
Can’t adjust mic volume
Latency is stuck at 21 ms which won’t work
Been having big issues with this new version

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with the new version of n-Track Studio for iOS. I assume you are referring to version 9.9 that we released a couple of weeks ago?
There weren’t any major changing impacting the areas that’s causing your issues.
The output level might be limited by the Measurement Mode: check the value of “Mic Auto Gain Control” in Audio Settings and try to switch it on. Depending on the device, this may boost the output (and input) volume, but please notice that it also potentially alters the mic response (generally by making it lose some lower frequencies).
For the mic volume, are you referring to the setting in the Input Channels section? That’s also system dependent and some devices might not let you change the value of the slider.
Regarding the latency setting, are you using any external hardware? Also other audio apps running on the same device might enforce a certain buffer setting on the system audio session. Please try to kill all the other apps, disconnect any hardware, create a new song and see if this allows you to change the latency from within n-Track Studio.

Thank you!