n-Track Studio v6.1.1 v2685 Released

MIDI tracks, Pianoroll, Asio, Dragging.

n-Track Studio v6.1.1 v2685 Released,

Summary of changes from v6.1 to v6.1.1:
More flexible import/export of MIDI tracks (support for MIDI type 0 files) [New Feature]
Pianoroll graphical and usability improvements [New Feature]
The Guitar Tuner (EQ window -> right click and select Tuner from popup menu) is now more accurate [Improvement]
Fixed extra empty tracks created when dragging parts [Improvement]
Fixed changing song sampling frequency sporadically not working (resulting in playback at incorrect speed) with Asio drivers of EMU and Line6 USB devices [Bug Fix]


Thanks Flavio :D



Hi. I think there is a bug. Volumen send automation changes are not working in songs made with previous versions of n-track.

Are you having he same problem?

Hhmm!? Checkin’ now.

I’ve experienced some serious problems already with this version.
For example, when I use 2 midi tracks (or more) - one on channel 1 the other on 2, and am using piano roll to edit I’ve had an incomplete piano roll screen appear in the upper left that I can’t use or get rid of. If I minimize I can’t maximize and do anything at all in Ntrack once it happens. So trying to get back is useless. If I try to close - an empty frame [pops up making it impossible to know where to click.
I have to go to TASK MANAGER to end the program.
Has happened several times tonight - going back to an older version. :whistle:

Nov. My cross-build envelopes are ok.