n-Track Studio v7.0.2 build 3043 Released

A Few Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio v7.0.2 build 3043 Released,

Fixed docking/undocking windows sometimes may cause crash in 32 bit version [Bug Fix]
Fixed rare crash in n-Track Strings module [Bug Fix]
Fixed mixdown would never stop when the mixdown box was opened with the loop button was active [Bug Fix]


Just upgraded from ver. 4 today; already seeing issues and changes that I’m not keen on:

1. What happened to the Enable/Disable/Select Input Selections on the Recording Inputs window? That never should have gone away.

2. When placing my mouse over an icon, it doesn’t tell me what that icon is; I have to guess now; especially when I want to add or remove icons from the Toolbar.

3. The volume indicators on the Recording VU Meters window flash and very quickly like I can see the CPU scanning for the moment that it’s refreshing that data in memory. I have a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 and 2.5GB of memory; just upgraded that; I’ll check to make sure they’re not flaking on me. Of course, I didn’t have these issues running ver. 4.

4. The icons on the tracks for mute/solo/freeze/etc. disappear when I click them. Again, I’ll check to make sure my CPU and RAM aren’t flaking. Didn’t have this issue, either, running ver 4.

5. The Loop function only works when you start playback with the Loop icon. If you stop and restart with the Play button on the transport, it totally ignores the Loop that was set previously; is this on purpose or a bug?

I like the looks of things from 4 to 7; I can understand improving that, but functionality should not be tampered with if it’s working okay. Like they say, "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!"

Just my $0.02

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce any of the issues you mentioned.

I’m not sure of what you mean by “the Enable/Disable/Select Input Selections on the Recording Inputs window”. If you mean the little red button that lets you enable/disable the audio input or route it to a specific track, it’s still there in the Recording vumeter window (View -> Recording vumeter menu command). The only thing that has changed is that if the window is too small some of the buttons get hidden, try to increase the recording vumetr window size

As far as I’ve tried tooltips (the little squares that explain what a button is for) appeared for all controls.
Also the loop function appeared to work correctly, it seems to loop every time the loop button is active, even after you press the stop button, change the playback position clicking on the time axis and then press the play button.

The problems with the vumeter and solo/mute etc. buttons seem to indicate some kind of graphic problem. Please try updating your graphics card drivers downloading from the the manufacturer’s website. If you already have the latest drivers try to reinstall them anyway.
The problem might be related to the n-Track configuration. You can reset the program settings to the defaults by reinstalling the program and selecting ‘No’ when the program asks if you want to keep the existing settings.
Alternatively you can manually delete the program configuration folder.
Please go to “C:\Documents and Settings[Your username]\App Data\Roaming” on Windows XP or “C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming” on Windows 7/8/Vista, then delete the ‘n-Track Studio 7’ folder,
The App Data folder may be hidden, to show it from the Windows folder window, press the Alt key, then click on the Tools menu -> Folder Settings -> Display tab, then actiavate the ‘Show hidden files and folders’.