n-Track Studio v8.1.2 Beta Build 3419 Issues

Tracks do not play at times.

Hi guys I know this is a BETA issue so am not busting your nutz or anything but just so that you know, I have identified two issues so far as follows:

1. Sometimes even though for sections of a track the volume has been set at minimum (inf) I can still hear it playing during those sections. Sometimes I STOP the song, CLOSE it and reOPEN it
and it works just fine however there are times when this DOES NOT. Whenever this happens I have to STOP the song, CLOSE it, OPEN a DIFFERENT song, PLAY it for a few seconds, STOP, CLOSE it, re-OPEN the original song on which I am working then it works ok.
2. There are times when track(s) do NOT start to play during playback even though their volume is set for them to play. They simply remain silent.

Just so that you know. I mixing a song consisting of 12 wav files so far.