n-Track Studio version 6.0.9 Build 2563 Released

v6.0.9 no longer in beta.

n-Track Studio version 6.0.9 Build 2563 Released,

Summary of changes from v6.0.8 to v6.0.9:

New nVocal plugin [New Feature]
Support (with ready made preset) for Behringer BCF2000 hardware control surface [New Feature]
Support for Waves v7 VST and VST3 plugins [New Feature]
Fixed part not updating when holding Shift and selecting [Bug Fix]
Support for MMC transport commands in Settings/MIDI Control box [New Feature]
Improved disk write buffering during recording, enabled by default in Settings/Buffering box [New Feature]
Many bug fixes (see previous builds)


Could someone describe what’s in nVocal plugin?


rumble filter, comp’, 3band graphic and reverb.

But not the “sound like Roger Daltry” button we all requested so reasonably…

Iwas rather hoping for an Ottilie Patterson button.

Are you saying that the nVocal plugin doesn’t have the pitch correction feature?

I don’t know what Flavio’s problem is. I’ve been using NTrack since the 90’s, and he STILL hasn’t listened to his customers and implemented a Roger-Daltrey filter?? I’m going to ditch N and start using Reaper.

If he DID add the RDf, he’d no doubt get it wrong and make it the NEW RDf, not vintage Quadrophenia-sounding RD.

Vanclan, in regards to pitch correction, does GSnap not suit your needs?


Quote: (vanclan @ Mar. 29 2010, 10:40 AM)

Are you saying that the nVocal plugin doesn't have the pitch correction feature?

None that I saw. But you can demo EVO for 10 days.

In the last build if you stopped the song and hit play the song would start where it stopped on the time line.
But if you placed the cursor somewhere on the time line then hit play, ntrack would back up at least a half measure before starting play.

Quote: (Fuggle_Hop @ Mar. 29 2010, 5:04 PM)

Vanclan, in regards to pitch correction, does GSnap not suit your needs?


No we tried GSnap and we didn't find it very effective. The ReaTune is awesome, but only works in Reaper, which is why I had to switch. I'm hoping someday to come back to the nTrack fold. But pitch correction is critical for us and I don't really want to sell my firstborn to have it (melodyne, etc.).

I do beg to differ with your comment that Flavio does not listen. I think he is doing a remarkable job of implementing the ideas coming from this forum. It might take awhile, but it is happening. He did eventually enhance the routing capabilities that I had asked for.

I'm assuming that filter you are requesting is in the same league as the talent button we've ask for for years. You never know. It just may a build away from reality... :agree:

I’ve been using internet forums long enough to know that I should indicate my kidding around by using emoticons, and, yet, I tend to forget.

Yes…I’m talking about a talent filter.

And I agree: Flavio does listen. That’s largely the reason why I’ve remained loyal to NTrack for…has it actually been more than a decade now? Yeah, the routing enhancements he recently implemented are a fantastic advancement. If you were instrumental in that progress, many thanks!

Sorry I can’t help with more useful pitch correction suggestions!