N-Track suddenly recording playback

Hello all. I’ve been working on a CD in N-Track. This afternoon I discovered that when I record, it records the playback too! Obviously it never did this before. But now it records a copy of the playback along with the mic signal (and the recorded playback I’d describe to sound like it’s caught in the middle of a flange).

Why is it doing this and what should I do?

The last thing I ever did in N-Track before this happened was import some wav files that weren’t recorded in N-Track. Could this be the cause?

One possible cause is that your soundcards (or windows) mixer record source was accidentally switched to record “What You Hear.” Check it out and if it it indeed set on what you hear, switch it to line input. The what you hear option will record everything you have recorded and the input from where your mic is plugged.