n-Track Tuner Pro app for iOS


Hi all,

we’ve just released the new n-Track Tuner Pro app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s a nice little app to tune your guitar with customizable sensitivity and precision, tuner calibration, alternate temperaments and much more. It also has the 2D and 3D sonograms views borrowed from n-Track Studio channel EQ window.
The app costs $2.99 and is available on the App Store:

We’ve also updated the n-Track Tuner free app which can switch to the pro version via in-app purchase.


Can anyone suggest a good source to learn about these new EQ displays?

I own N-track studio for IOS ver. 3.72. I can’t find the Tuner. I believe I have purchased all the IAP’s . Could someone please show me how to either IAP or find the Tuner from inside N-track. I also have questions about use (adding markers, etc.) of the EQ screen. Just so you know, I have recently removed Auria and Cubasis from my IPad so I can concentrate 100% on N-track. I think it might be a better set of features for me if I can just get more practice with it. If so, I will continue to tell my Audiobus buddies about N-track’s value to IOS music.
(On that forum I post under the name “Noisehorse”. Thanks for the updates so far, Flavio!

Well, I poked around and answered my own question about finding the Tuner: I opened the EQ button on the Master level Paul out, and went to settings. I found out that the controls for Spetrum settings scrolls down to reveal more controls for Sonogram and the Tuner, which included an on/off control. I now realize that most of my frustration with the IOS version is the lack of detailed instructions like this example. I will try reading the current Manual for the Windows version and see if I am able to get some of the details I am missing from the IOS manual. Maybe I’ll find some answers about the use of the EQ…