N-track unpredictability

Wave Form Size changes

I am using N-Track ( latest version 24 bit ) and Asio drivers. I am recording stereo tracks using two mics. On one occasion, I complete the recording and no wave forms are visable on the screen but the recording can be played back. Next occasion ( no changes to any settings) I complete recording and get small wave forms. Another recording in same session, complete recording and get huge wave forms on screen.

Anyone having similar problems !

Hi arie397:
If this was an issue that was repetable by any number of guys here on the Board, they would be on this topic like a blanket…

With the little knowledge I possess, I would have to say that this issue you’re struggleing with could be a Graphics Card issue… IT might be Drivers… ? mabey ?? IT could be Graphics Card Hardware? That’s only a Stab-in-the -Dark… Some of the guys who might be able to resolve this may have missed your post… Who Knows?


I forgot… Go to View… Scroll down to Refresh waveforms… or Recalculate waveforms… See if that helps…