n-Track versus Orion and Acid

Can anyone give me a perspective on where n-Track sits amongst other music software? I’m trying to eliminate having to learn too many packages. I have recently downloaded trial versions of n-Track, Orion Platinum and Acid Pro 5. Because I’m new to this, I have no idea which one to focus on.

Any feedback welcomed.


Since you are new you will have a perspective many of us won’t have - that being set in our ways. Whatever way we do things is how we want to keep doing them. We might give lower marks to on of those simply because it doesn’t do what we are used to.

I suggest you try all three equally. Attempt to do whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish and see which one gets you there fastest and easiest. While doing that the strengths of each will slowly become more obvious and you might end up wanting all three for different purposes.

I use n-Tracks for all recording, but it doesn’t do loops. For that I use Acid Music (much cheaper than Acid Pro). I’ve never used Orion.

n-Tracks is WAY easier to get going than any other multi-track recording software that I’ve ever used. It’s not even close in my opinion.

Don’t be too put off by the limitations of the trial versions. Those can be somewhat limiting, but you should be able to see if they work well enough to make a judgment.


n-Tracks is WAY easier to get going than any other multi-track recording software that I’ve ever used. It’s not even close in my opinion.

for me, this is very true… however, i have a couple of other names to throw in to confuse you even more:)… one is fruity loops for loop based editing… i’ve been using it for some time for drum sequencing, so you may want to take a look at it… a friend claims that cakewalk’s new kinetic is even better…

for multitracking, ntrack is incredibly easy to use and is well worth the money… however, lately i’ve been using adobe audition… it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, though… and it’s priced the same as orion…

my two cents…


Very impartial answer: NTrack, Ntrack…
My real opinion is the same as Mr. Phoo. If you can try, why not?
The application that is good for me maybe won’t be the best choice for you.
But, anyway… Ntrack, Ntrack…

Those are three radically different programs. n-Track grew from audio recording to include midi, vst, etc. Orion was a tracker style program first, and incorproates audio awkwardly, but is great for VSTi. Acid grew from a loop program. They all have strengths and weaknesses - what do you want to do with them? I’ve used them all, but I love Orion and n for what I like to do.

Hi Phillip, welcome to the forum.

Audio: For many n-Track users, the attraction lies in the way n seems to have evolved from a multi-track tape recorder. It is intuitive and easy to get started with then as you progress you’ll discover all the tools you’re ever likely to need.

MIDI: It’s there, it works fine and for some does all they need, but it’s not as powerful as some other sequencers.

Loops: n doesn’t do loops. Many people work in Acid or Fruity then import the result into n to add real instruments and vocals and to finish the mix.

Recently version 4 of n-Track was issued. Version 3.3 build 1516 was stable and reliable and I still use that. Many who quickly embraced version 4 found it less reliable but the developper Flavio is famous for his quick response. From the reports on this forum the latest build is now solid. Version 4 has some practical advantages (e.g. track “freezing” to conserve processor power) and some think it looks prettier.

Like TomS said, horses for courses. But with this excellent forum and the “other n-Track place” audiominds.com, you’ll always get valuable help and support, worth it’s weight in high-end mics.

I hope you like and choose n-Track, it is undoubtedly excellent value.