N-Track with Reason

What about it?

I have an opportunity to get my hands on Propellerhead’s Reason software. I know nothing about it except it is included in everybody’s system when I ask them what software they use in their studios. Most of these friends use PT along with Reason.
From what I am being told I gather that it (Reason) is some sort of MIDI generating software. Will it work with N-Track, is it standalone, why would I use it, is it a nice addition or redundant clutter?
Of course, the website is like all others with their pitch so I wwould like to get an honest, unbiased opinion.

My system is pretty stable right now and if this is just “candy” I would like to know before I install it.



Hi there !

Reason is a very powerfull synth, loop based sequencer, sampler, drum machine, effects rack, drum ‘beatslicer’ etc.

The reason why it never got me (awesome as it is) is that I’m not big into synths.

Haven’t played with it much after that, but I’m more into ‘recording sequencing’ and ‘real sound sample playing’ than step sequencing and ‘synth twiddling’.

What type of music do you make / are you into ?


Edit : Oh and yes, it was for me rather unobtrusive on an install and uninstall, so I doubt if it will mess up you stable system.
Might be a good idea to make a ‘system state’ backup before you do it if you are worried about it

Dire Straits type music…
Of course, if wishes were fishes we’d all catch fish.
I am just beginning to use some MIDI and I also need better sounding percussion than what I get from my Boss DDR machine.
If Reason is not that much of a hog, maybe I will just mess with it to see what it will ADD to my system.


It’s got a couple of very nice drum sounds, and a easy to use step sequencer - you might just have something here - although I know that Fruity Loops is widely used around here.

But then it’s not Fruity Loops you got yer hands on eh ?


Try it. (reason)

I’ve noticed that Reason and n-Track will talk, I have Reason Adapted (cheapo version free with m-Audio card). It uses the Rewire interface, and I notice that n-track sees “Reason Adapted” in the Rewire seletion box. So my guess is that they should work together. Exactly what capabilites are available via the Rewire interface I have no idea, I’m looking forward to noodling with it when I have time. The drum sounds I’ve heard are pretty spiffy and the synth/sampler looks pretty groovy. I’ll report back as I learn more…


When you say “opportunity” do you mean “for less than full price”? If so, I’d get it. It’s a very cool piece of software. Good for beats, definitely a synth person thing however. But maybe you’ll find that you like making that kind of music? :D