n-Tracks with more than 1 audio interface


I’d like to route any individual track out of my Audio interface (Steinberg UR-RT2) to my guitar effects board and record a track with the effects. It uses the Yamaha ASIO driver.

Unfortunately, the UR-RT2 has only 2 inputs and 2 outputs. I need the 2 inputs for the microphones, and route the outputs to my P.A. - so none are available.

I tried connecting a TASCAM US 2x2, but when I tried to select both the Yamaha & Tascam ASIO drivers as Audio Inputs/Output I got an error saying that I can’t do that.

If I were to buy another Steinberg UR-RT2 audio interface would n-Tracks allow me to use both? They would both be using the same driver.

Is the only way to increase the number of inputs/outputs to purchase the Steinberg UR-RT4? I’d like to save money if I can.



you can indeed select a single Asio driver at a time. If device’s Asio driver is able to aggregate the two identical devices, n-Track will work with that and will show the total number of channels.
An alternative if you don’t want to purchase the extra device is using Wasapi or WDM/WaveRT instead of Asio, in that case you should be able to use the Tascam and Steinberg devices simultaneously. Yet another alternative is installing Asio4all, set it to use the Tascam and Steinberg devices together and set n-Track to use Asio4all.