N traks and Akai MPK49


Hi Everybody,

I’ve got N Traks 6, M Audio fast track, Akai MPK49 keyboard controler and Omnisphere of Spectrasonics.All this is running on PC Windows 7, Dual-Core CPU, 64 bit OS.
Can’t make a sound with it. Is the N Traks and Akai MPK 49 compatible? Someone have done it?

yes they are compatible.

what you might have to do tho is going into preferences and set up Akia as a Midi IN device, for now I would make the Midi Mapper the output (just till you get everything running right…that way you will hear notes when they are played)

which Fast Track do you have? if it does not have a midi in/out port on it you will have to connect the USB cable from the Akia and treat it as a midi interface.

It should show up in Midi devices as USB Akia or something to similar.

As far as the Omnisphere of Spectrasonics goes that is a VST plug which can be added to any track…first things first let’s get the devices working with one another…then rightclick the midi track and Output to Omni, OR arm a blank midi track to record (little red circle) then output it to the VST Omni and begin playing those sounds from the incoming data being received from the Akia.