n-Traxk 7.0 (2943)

ERROR when using Effects

I have a question: Does anyone experiences problems with Effects?

nBridge FASoft Compressor loads and runs while is in default. Selecting any of the options, like soft Knee Compression - generates incredible white noise +93dB until it is reelected to default or deleted.

Similar problem is with other effects.


Are you using the 32 or 64 bit version of n-Track? Does it happen only when using the plug-in via nBridge?
What version of the Compressor are you using, the nEfx Compressor, “n-Track Compressor” or “FASoft Compressor”? If it’s “FASoft Compressor” as you wrote in your post it means it’s an older version of the plugin, probably installed by n-Track 5.x. If that’s the case please try using the latest version, i.e. “n-Track Compressor”.


Flavio, thank you for quick reply!

I am using 64bit version of n-track on Windows7 x64.

I had older versions of n-track installed previously, and probably every version since version 6, and 7 beta that you made available. It might be that some of the older versions of effects were left behind. I would need to find a method to clean them up and re-install n-track. I am not sure how to use the latest version since I am not selecting what version to use via program. n-Track launches compressors and EQ for me. I am selecting them from track mixer - Master EQ properties. Little icon that looks as little hill with a round nod on top of it.

(I have misspelled the tile of this post, should be n-Track, not n-Traxk, not sure how to correct it)

I was unable to resolve my problem with effects. I have uninstalled n-track, cleaned all the folders and re-installed. Effects are generating 93 dB noise!

Just another note: x86 (32 bit) version of program works fine. All effects in 64 bit version are generating white noise. Please help!

I will attempt the cleanup, and see if that helps. This is from FAQ page:

After removing some plug-ins from my system they still show up on the available DSP list in n-Track: how do I get them off that list?

The uninstallation of the plug-in should theoretically do it. You can try the ‘DirectX plug-ins uninstaller’ link on the links page. It may be possible to directly remove from the registry the plug-in entries but it may be hard (and dangerous) to find them, so the best way is: reinstall the plug-in, run n-Track, browse with the Windows explorer in the plug-in folder and drag its main file (usually with the .dll or .ax suffix) on the n-Track’s window. A dialog box should now ask you if you want to run the self registration of the plug-in: if you click on NO, the program will launch the plug-in self-unregistration procedure, thus removing it from the plug-ins list.You can accomplish the same effect from a command prompt typing: “regsvr32.exe /u plugin_filename_with_path”. This will launch the self-unregistering routine that should be in every plug-in. You may need to specify the exact path of regsvr32.exe (usually \WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

Flavio I am unable to use 64bit version! All effects are generating white noise!
This is not “old” effects, looks just as displayed on: http://ntrack.com/fa_dx_effects.php

I’m sorry but I don’t know what may be causing the problem. I was unable to reproduce the problem. As I haven’t heard of a similar problem from other users it’s likely to be something with the configuration of n-Track on your computer.
In your original post you mentioned using the plugins via nBridge, does the problem happen even when loading plugins directly, without the ‘nBridge’ option?
Does the problem happen with both VST and DirectX plugins? For example try “n-Track Tempo Delay”, which is a VST plugin (n-Track Compressor is DirectX).
Also does the problem happen when working on a specific song or it happens on a new simple 1 track song with just one plugin?


Flavio, I have installed new, latest x64 2954, after full unistall.
And I have followed your instruction.

1) New song. One track one plugin at the time! Imported one Wav file. I have tried DirectX n-Track Compressor as soon as it is ON song produces White Noise!
2) I have turned that effect OFF, Wave file played normally.
3) I have tried n-track Tempo Delay the same white noise occurred.

Again 32 bit version on my Windows 7 x64 bit system works just fine.

mmihalj, thanks for that last line “
Again 32 bit version on my Windows 7 x64 bit system works just fine.” I have been having issues with effects using the 64bit version as well. I did not get the white noise issue; but I could not use the “bypass button” on effects and once the effect window is closed “where you can adjust the settings” I could not reopen it again. Also V7 latest build on 7_12_12 would show all of my effects but when I went to open any bridged effects N would not open them.
Could this be do to the fact that I have jbridge already installed? I uninstalled 7 several times, then uninstalled 6, deleted anything that I could find (except my song files, jbridge, and my effects)related to N, cleaned my registry, rebooted, then installed 7 again. The wierd thing was it came up with all of my audio in/out, midi and VST folders paths. Also I experianced the same effect issues. I will email you the scan file, for some reason there were alot of missing “IDs”.

As above I downloaded the 32bit version and it seems to be working fine. At least now I can keep working,

I have no jbridge installed. I am assuming that effects delivered with x64 would work with N-Track, without requirement of additional software. I might be wrong here?

Do I need to purchase jbridge in order to have nTrack effects working in x64bit nTrack?

Unfortunately, Flavio was not able to recreate my x64 bit software issues, and looks like this will remain my isolated problem, unless someone else in community is able to at least confirm it on their system.

Additional Question: what are the real benefits of 64bit version, and when should be consider one vs. other?

I use the 64 bit, however, in comparing it to the 32 bit I cannot find any particular benefits. To me the most important thing you can do to make a “better” recording is to use 24 bit. The 24 bit setting increases you headroom (for lack of a better term). It allows the sound to be recorded at higher levels with less risk of clipping.

I was under the impression that you could only use N 64bit on a 64bit OS and N 32bit on a 32 bit OS. If that is the case there is something wrong since the 32bit version works better on my 64bit OS (Win7). JBridge was needed on v6 running 64bit so that you could still use any 32bit VSTs. V7 64bit has Jbridge already incorperated into it so there is no need to down load and install it seperatly.
bax3, what do you mean 24 bit setting, I was also under the impression that 64 or 32 bit N had nothing to do sound card settings, etc? Is this what you are referring to?

Just to clarify, n-Track 7 doesn’t have ‘jBridge’ (a product developed by a different company) built-in, it has our own bridging module called nBridge, developed by us, that allows using 32 bit plugins inside the 64 bit version of n-Track, or to ‘sandbox’ plugins, i.e. run plugins in their own process, so that if a plugin crashes n-Track remains active and you don’t risk loosing your work.

LowB, the 32 bit version of n-Track works great on the 64 bit version of Windows. The opposite is not true, i.e. the 64 bit version of n-Track doesn’t install or work in the 32 bit version of Windows, it requires a 64 bit native version of Windows.


The 24 bit is a sound setting has nothing to do with the operating system ,so the confusion about my comment. I only meant that changing form 16 bit to 24bit recoding seems more of an improvement than the change in the operating system. I think 64 operating system may load faster and handle more plugin load because you can install a large amount of memory -there is a 4 gig limit on A 32 bit operating system. A 64 bit operating system can have a large amount of memory (I think it is up to 64 gig on most desktop computers). So, in my opinion a 64 bit operating system is not a great improvement unless you install more memory and are using plugins that require more memory. On some systems the demands of video could be improved. So, if. You are recording large files
And using several effects or load up the screen with multi tasking the 32 bit works great.

thank you guys for the clearifications.