Hi, Does anyone have experience of this 8 channel rackmount mic preamplifier.…1635375

I’m going to the USA soon from the UK and these look very cheap to me. I’m also interested in ugrading it if its worth it, by changing op amps capacitors etc…

Thanks Nick

I had it but sent it back. I found it to be quite noisy compared to my ADA8000. The trim knobs weren’t all identical in that all the way up on one amp might not be the same as another channel.

I believe it’s probably PCB so altering it might prove difficult.

All that said, it’s actually a rather good preamp considering you get 8 channels for $100. I would have kept it but I needed the cash and preferred the appearance of the SMPro Audio version as well as the balanced output versus the unbalanced of the Nady.

All in all, my ADA8000 (by behringer) is a higher quality preamp