Need a click track

Can’t hear it

I’m totally confused on the metronome.
I am using the Tascam 122 interface and want to get a click track that I can hear from my headphones when I record. (phones are plugged into the
Tascam 122). I can’t get any sound into the phones, drums or otherwise.
I am pretty new to this stuff, but just want to have a time reference to record to so everything can stay in time.
I’ve been messing around for hours trying this and that, I’m wore out.

I have trouble with the metronome too, so I always create a click track using N drums’ high hat…

Thanks Spreadercraig, I thought about that but had no success on creating an N-drum track. Where do you start when you make your track?

n’s metronome has always been more trouble than it’s worth. You’d think something that simple… never mind.

I can’t find it at the moment, but there is a FREE excellent VST metronome out there some other guys rave about. I didn’t download it because the metronome in ‘R’ is fabulous. If I can Google it though, I’ll post back with a linky-poo fer yun’s…



Since I’m using the Tascam 122, will a VST metronome plugin work for me?

If n-T is your master - yes.

Diog’! If you ever find that metronome, bung me a link. I started a thread a while back on ‘em. I’ve got a mate who can’t use one…so I tried every thing…

Dobroman! There are some really good threads on here on n-T drums, somewhere and a tutorial on youtube (I think) You’ll kick yourself when you click on how straight foreward (and limited) it is. I’ll check around when I get a mo’ - but one of the more sussed n-T heads will beat me to it :laugh:

Basicaly, with nTdrums, you can create a pattern/s and drag it over as midi.

The nTrack drum tutorial is on the download page :agree:

Complicated to start with but once you get your head round it its dead easy.

Thanks fellers, Good info. I did manage to get a simple Hi Hat drum going for timing .
Pure determination and ignorance. At least I’m recording again, a little better all the time.