Need Help 24/96

Just Bought The Audigy 2 Zs and…

hi, my first post… i need help from you guys I just bought the Audigy 2 Zs and no matter what drivers i select on the audio devices of n-track settings i just can’t get the card to work :( unless i use a Directsound driver wish just makes random “skips” on parts of the recorded songs i have, making it nearly imposible to record… this are the drivers i have, can you guys help?

Creative Asio
MME: SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [E800]
MME: Wave Mapper
SB Audigy 2 ZS ASIO 24/96 [E800]
SB Audigy 2 ZS ASIO [E800]
WDM: SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [E800]

and with the DIrectSOund Drivers all of the above plus…

DS - Primari Sound Capture Driver
DS - SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [E800]

What Else… AMD Athon 64Bit CPU @ 2800+ 512mg Ram…
200G Hard Drive

Can you help? :(

Hey DaldoHead,
Don’t give up on that sound card. I’m Assuming your drivers are all installed properly,
1. select the WDM drivers for recording and playback

2. Under preferences, options I’m using the 4100 sample freq.

3. Try the mono settings and 16 bit for a start.

4. Make sure that your playback and recording switches are not muted on your mixer.

5. From n-track select view, sound card settings, recording mixer controls, select line-in2/mic 2.

Sure hope this helps.



i just can’t get the card to work

Describe what you mean by that. It can mean many different things to many many different people. I interpret it as meaning no playback, no recording, no MIDI.

If it works with DSound then it should work with the others, specially WDM, since DSound calls in the the same audio stack tht WDM does.

Which driver version are you using? Did you get them from Creative’s website recently?

I assume you aer running the 32 bit version of WinXp. Is that not the case?

You have the same card that I have in my machine at work and it does fine (most of the time). My machine there is a 3.0 ghz Intel, so we have similar processor speeds.

hi, well yes under 16 bit settings everything works fine, the problem is when i try to record on 24 bit, i cant record like this, cause the song skips if i use the directsound driver, also yes i’m using the creative drivers dowloaded them yesterday, and i am using the 32 bit win xp pro, still cant record 24/96 any suggestions?

nevermind. uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers did the trick, only thing now, is that n-track is crashing much more… ill clean the registry to see if that helps… thanx.