Need help

“Unable to open the file” ERROR

Hello all… I’d been using N-Track for several months with great success. I’d taken a break for a few months back in the summer and upon firing up this morning and opening the last song I’d been working on, I ran into a problem. Upon trying to record a track (7th track for this particular song) I got a message box stating “Unable to open the file” The title bar listed - “CFileWave::open_w”.

I can play the song, adjust all the settings on the various tracks and save them, but I’m unable to record anything new.

Can anyone help here?

Thanks, Chris


This happens if the directory you used before for storing temporary tracks doesn’t exist anymore on your hard drive. I guess that’s possible since it’s been a while since you’ve used N-track. Anyway, go to File->Settings->Preferences, click on the “Paths” tab, then look at the “Working Directory” settings at the bottom. If you have “Temporary files AND new wave files” selected (which I figure you do), then you need to click Browse and find a valid directory to put your newly recorded wave files in.

Hope this fixes the problem!



You nailed it. Thanks so much for taking the time to help. I’d moved all my wave files from my C: to my D: due to hard drive issues and re-routed N-Track to the files, but didn’t know that I’d have to change a working directory setting.

You saved me a lot of headaches!

Thannks much, Chris

Every once in a while I get lucky (well, at least with N-track) :p