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Line-in and mic input on soundcard

I’m having a problem and I don’t know where to start to fix it. I can plug my electric guitar or microphone output into the mic-in on my Soundblaster Audigy soundcard and I will get sound through all my speakers. If I take my microphone or guitar and plug into the line-in on my soundcard, I only get sound in my left speaker. Can anyone help me or possibly lead me in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate any help.


Did you check the sound cards control panel in the chance that the monitor routing is not panned hard left?

If you record via the line in, is the play back left/right or left only?

well, first off your mic and line in are two very different beasts. You shouldn’t plug your guitar or your microphone directly into a line device for a couple of reasons-

1)the impedance mismatch will result in low output and a definite degradation in sound.
2)Line inputs are expected line level-an already amplified signal that is much louder than a mic or guitar signal that has not been pre-amplified.

As for why your input is switching to only one channel when you input something in the line in-it’s possible that since your guitar is a t/s and your microphone is probably also a t/s type plug (tip/sleeve) you’re inputting a mono cable into a stereo jack. This may be grounding out the right side’s connection and muting it completely. Therefore only a left sided signal.

Try pushing your jacks in halfway until you feel ONE click. This may allow the signal to go to both sides. It may not do anything though.

The signals of both are pre-amped, sorry, I guess I should have stated that, I kinda figured it was known thing. I have checked the settings on the soundcard.

I was able to get it to go to both side when I pushed the plug in slowly, about 90% of the way in, too far would make it jump to one side and not pushed in far enough would make it jump to the other. So, this worked. My next question would be, is this normal?? Do I have a problem with my plug, sound card input, etc?? Thanks to both of you for your input. I really appreciate it.

that’s usually a sign of a bad connection. how old is your card? try some contact cleaner?

The card is probably about 3yrs. old. I’ll buy some contact cleaner tomorrow and give it a try, thanks.

okay, i have recorded rhythm guitar on one track and i want to record a lead or melody on a separate track. how do i go about recording the melody without having the rhythm being copied onto the new track along with the melody???? sounds confusing but i’ve tried everything

Quote (danny boy @ Nov. 02 2004,22:25)
how do i go about recording the melody without having the rhythm being copied onto the new track along with the melody????

Hey Danny - you are unintentionally recording the "wave output" of your soundcard. This is a pretty common problem, but it's easy to fix. I'm not sure what kind of card you're using, but the solution is universal:

1. Open your soundcard's mixer.

2. Find the Recording Properties - in simpler terms, the screen in which you set your recording levels.

3. You want Line In to be your recording source - make sure it is unmuted. Mute everything else, including anything that says Wave Input or What U Hear.

4. Start shreddin'. You'll be hanging out with celebrities and signing boobies in no time.

If you need any further assistance, come on back and let us know what kinda card you're using. Good luck!