Need New Recording Amp

Your thoughts and suggestions please:

Looking for an all tube combo 20-30 watts,2/3 channel, built in power soak &/or DI out. This will be used mainly in my home studio but might be gigged. There is a sound I am looking for that I am not achieving with my current amp lineup, a Marshally mid scoop…Hence the need for another.

Have looked at:
Genz-El Diablo, Pro: 60 or 30 watts - Con: No DI
Koch-StudioTone II: Pro: 0 to 20 watts, Emulated speaker out - Con: Price, no local dealers.
Kustom Coupe 36: Pro: All tube, DI - Con: It’s a Kustom

Suggestions on another brand? Thoughts on these?



These are great amps, I’m currently testing a Rebel head and cab, it’s only 1 channel tho. They have a 4 channel 2/12s.

Egnater Tourmaster 4212

Err, a Marshall?

Quote: (Bubbagump @ Nov. 21 2008, 10:55 AM)

Err, a Marshall?


You need 20-30 tube watts for home recording? You live in an arena? Wow, a 5 watter would be more than enough in my world. I'd look into low wattage amps. They can still be miked for gigs.
I had a Victoria 5112 (5W) and @ full tilt here in my house it was loud enough to tear my ears off.

If you want a Marshall sound, buy a 2'nd hand cheap, newish Marshall. Maybe a JCM 900 or 2000? They sound good, are not all that rugged but would be fine for the odd gig.
Then spend a bit on a good attenuator like a Dr.Z Airbrake.

This is my next amp !

Very Cool!!!

One thing to consider is that the demo is using a real Marshall cabinet with greenbacks Celestions. Almost any amp will sound really good through one of those if that authentic Marshall sound is what you are going for. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a really great amp feeding into it.


Quote: (phoo @ Nov. 21 2008, 2:03 PM)

One thing to consider is that the demo is using a real Marshall cabinet with greenbacks Celestions.

I'll probably get a 1x12 cab for my upcoming (some day) Nano. Easier to record in small rooms. It will also serve as my living-room set up.
I can also plug it into the speakers on my trusty, old Marshall 2x12 combo.
Or my 1x12 65 Amps SoHo. All Celestions.

Have we derailed this thread far enough now?

Hey that little monster sounds good! 500 BUCKS!! Whoa…


Thanks guys…

I have played several Carrs in my day, Dr.Z, Cornfield, Zinky, Victoria. Having lived and played around the Chicago area for 20+ years I got to see, hear, or play tons of amps. And of course I have owned every prodution amp under the sun, including several SUNNs.

Why 20-30 watts, as I said I still do the occasional gig. Loud enough for stage monitor as we jack everything through the PA. And when I record electric guitar I usually do so with h-phones listening to recorded tracks but not monitoring incoming signal. I love to crank the amp so I can hear & feel it, through not in the h-phones. Oh the unbridled joy I get from the physical response of guitar-amp-high pressure sound waves! There in lies my release…

There is a sound I am missing from my current amp & pedal lineup. And I have a ton pedals, kept everyone I ever bought starting with a Big Muff Pie and a Small Stone Phaser from 1975. Maybe mid-scoop Marshall was not the right way to explain it…

If Marshall still made the JTM30 I would jump all over it.
The Egnater 4212, what a wonderful machine that is…But as I approach 50 the thought of moving a 100 lb amp around makes my YaYas shrivel. Somewhere out there is exactly what I am looking…sooner or later I will find it.


In the same category as the Nano, the “Little Lanilei” 3350LT by Songworks - and I can attest to the quality of this one, I own one, but it needs to be put through a good cabinet, the interenal speaker does the same thing and the internal speaker in the Nano, pretty much:

For a low power amp I have come across this: The more I look at thing the more I like the idea of silent tube amp recording.

Last Saturday was spent in a friends real recording studio. Got to play a Peavey Windsor, 1974X Marshall, and a Budda SuperDrive 18. The Windsor was interesting, the Marshall was a Marshall, but the Budda was amazing.

Now I need 2 amps, Budda & Zentone7.

Or screw the whole thing and get a POD or one of its siblings. We were playing with one of the new POD X3s last night (one of our guitar players is just going POD + in ears now) and it sounds fantastic. Better than micing an amp many times IMO. (I don’t need to hear it all you purist tube cry babies.)

Yep… that ^^^.

The last few times I’ve played outside of church and needed an amp, I ran my POD XT Live in front of a Crate Powerblock powering a 2x12 cab for my stage monitor and line out to the mixer. Super versatility and sounds awesome.

Recording? Direct to the EMU… any guitar sound you want. No muss… no fuss… I’m a believer now…

D - tube snob purist cry-baby :p

PS Now if I were really gonzo and had a big budget to play with… I’d need another house just to store amps and cabs!! :laugh: That’s just what us psychotic geetar wankers do…

Running my Pod direct also - still wondering why I still have my crate, it’s just a dust collector now - I’ll probably end up giving it to one of my boys.

ONE Day… ONE Day…

You’ll need that Crate Amp to do a Magic Track… However, they’ll be in another part of the Country… BUT… They’ll be coming back home at the end of the month… You can’t wait that long… because You’ll have forgotten the lines you want to play on the track…

You may even have forgotten why you wanted the amp, as well… ??? :laugh: :p


Another big up to the POD. I recently discovered the joys of this wicked device, and have recorded all guitars and bass for the last two years though one. Since I started using it, I’ve had a VOX AC30, and VOX Brian May amp, and a Marshall 2 x 12 combo sitting making very expensive and heavy, but good-looking doorstops…

Lucid Dream Homepage

Have spent the last 2 weeks laying down a ton of tracks with different amps. Here are some short clips of some of the guitar sounds.

Blah Blah Blah was inspired by Poppas’ Yada Yada Yada…

Yaz…on my way to the local G-Center cash in hand to have a hard look at that Egnater Rebel. If purchased will post clips later.