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How to easily record voice and mix

Hi, I am not a musician but I am merely interested to record in sync 4 tracks of voice, first is original in Chinese then 2 and 3 are two translators to English and finally the 4-th track is subsequent translation into Romanian.

I have mixed language speaking audience and I need to be able to mix and export 3 types of audio:
- original Chinese only (track 1)
- original Chinese plus English (track 1+2+3)
- original Chinese plus Romanian (track 1+4)
- all mixed (track 1+2+3+4)

I use some ASIO compatible equipment (Akai EIE interface). I am new to this kind of software, tried free Cubase shipped with the Akai device and found it very complicated to work with. I am looking for a way to easily setup my recording and then produce the outputs, maybe with some automation.

I would appreciate any suggestion to help me cut through the need to learn whatever I do not need to learn to do such a simple task.


What level of sync is required? Its next to impossible to sync two voices saying the same thing in English. To do that you have to record one and have the other person match the inflections and pauses when #2 records. Different languages will use different amounts of words to say the same thing.
If you can live with a small variance in timing of the translations then just record the various translations and import them in a simple multi-track recording software (N-track or Audacity).
Is you main problem a release format with the tracks you mentioned such as on a DVD where the user can select the version desired? If so then that’s another can of worms.
Think of recording the tracks separately then editing (adding silence to sync them) break the task into easy parts and take it a step at a time.