Never received Reg codes

Never received Reg codes

I upgraded the other night from 3.X to latest 4.X, however I haven’t received any registration codes.
I sent info via Contact page and even contacted Digibuy, no results yet.

I did have to uninstall my 3.x and install clean 4.X because I was getting an error on an unrecognized DLL. Could this be the cause?

Any suggestions?

first, be sure you purchased after the cutoff date, to get the upgrade for free.

Then, I had to email Flavio with my info, plus the ‘email reciept’ and he sent the codes for ver4 the next day.

I couldn’t run both at the same time, flavio stated the same in his reply with codes.

I ordered on Aug 16th, 2006.

And I sent an email ot the support email address.
Still haven’t heard.

Check your spam filtering or try a different email address. This has happened before.