New Android tablet suggestions

I’m in the market for a new, larger screen Android tablet to use with N-Track.
Any input on make, model, specs to look for…
Any particular ones to avoid? Seek out?
I have both PC and Android versions.
And the Android version would be nice while on-the-go since the tablet would be with me most times.

No real recommendations, but you do know that you need a tablet that supports USB OTG (on the go), right? This is so that you can use a USB cable to connect a MIDI device to your tablet. I guess you can use the onscreen keyboard and some other features, but I’m always connecting up a physical device.

When I searched around, it was hard to be 100% assured whether a tablet had USB OTG support, even with well known brand names. For some reason they may neglect to mention it in the specs. Anyways, I would make sure you see it in the specs and/or test it in the store if you can (there are USB OTG tester apps on the Play Store or buy an inexpensive USB OTG adapter).

USB OTG is the way I’ve always used N-Track with several different tablets I’ve had over the past couple of years. I would also look for a tablet with higher amounts of RAM. I have only two now and it works fine, but I think some tablets come with one. I’d probably try to get 4 if it were me. I just think it’s more assurance you won’t have problems.

Note, I’ve had many USB OTG adaptors that are flakey, sometimes due to the adaptor and sometimes due to the port on the tablet. Finally, I don’t think this will apply with a tablet, but I have a phone that doesn’t have a standard headphone port. It uses the USB port and an adpater for a headphone jack and so you can’t charge it or plug in headphones while using N-Track with a USB connected physical device. N-Track does not work well with phone/tablet speakers and/or Bluetooth headphones.

Good luck.

BTW, I have a Lenovo M10 tablet now (10 inch). I had a Chuwi 8 inch tablet and a Blackview 10 inch previously. All worked find with N-Track. The first had two GB RAM and the latter two 3 and 4 GB respectively.